Teaching NAO how to recognize objects


You can teach NAO objects or people to recognize. Using the video monitor, you capture what NAO is seeing and implement the database of objects images.

How can you do this?

  1. Click the View > Video monitor. The video monitor panel opens.
  2. Click Play.

    > The video monitor displays what NAO is seeing.

  3. Click Learn to capture the image.

    > You can see the timing as here:

    Capturing timing

    At 0, the image is captured.

  4. With the mouse, click the contour of the object to teach. At the end, click again the first point to close the form as here:



    For a room, take the contour of the full image.

    A pop-up opens.

  5. Enter the information about the object, face or room.
  6. Click OK.

    The image is now saved in the database. You can use it to make NAO react when seeing it thanks to the box Vision Reco.


the database is not stored with the behavior but in a specific directory. You reuse it, you can export and import the database in the video monitor.

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