One core asset of the newest version of Choregraphe is the possibility to set parameters inside a box. In the Choregraphe previous versions, it was very painful to customize boxes without entering the script. Workarounds were found, but boxes were not very nice and hard to understand.

We have developped a whole new way to change the working of a box for basic users: the parameters.

You can notice that a box has parameters just by seeing a wrench at the bottom-left corner of the box. Clicking on it shows all the available parameters. You can change them using a nice interface from Choregraphe. Any change will automatically impact the box if the behavior is currently running.

For instance, the new say box looks like this:

Example of the Say box

If you click on the box wrench, it will open the parameters edit dialog. You can set the parameters value from here:

Example of the Say box

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