The flow diagram panel

  • The flow diagram panel is the place where you “compose” NAO’s behaviors. To create a behavior, you need to grab the boxes you want to use from the Box library and drop them onto the flow diagram. You can also create a new box from scratch by right-clicking on the diagram screen and pressing Add a new box. The diagram panel allows you to connect a box to either another box, or to the behavior entry.
  • The flow diagram follows a multilevel graphical logic to organize the links between the boxes and structure a behavior. As a matter of fact, to have a more readable flow diagram, it is possible to group boxes linked to each other into a unique one and therefore create multilevel boxes. Now observe the upper line just above the diagram screen:

    upper line

  • This line is very useful as it helps you to easily know which level of the behavior is currently displayed in the flow diagram panel. For instance, the root level displays an overview of the behavior with the links between the first level boxes. You can access the different levels of each box by double-clicking on them. This approach allows you to easily define several levels of boxes diagram, as we will see later.

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