Creating a movement with walk boxes

  • If you have been through previous exercise with success, you should know how to create a movement with motion keyframes. But motion keyframes are clearly not designed to edit complex movements. It is appropriate for dance, hello signs, flexions... But walking is far more complicated.
  • This is why we have developed other tools that should help you. One of the main modules of the robot is ALMotion. This module has been designed to understand simple orders such as "move this motor to this position in that amount of time", but also walking orders: "head straight for one meter". Well in fact, the orders may be a lot more complex, as you can define all the walking patterns parameters, but we are not going into the specifics now.
  1. Drag and drop the WalkTo box.
  2. Click on the wrench to edit the box parameters.

    > The first two parameters define the target position of the robot, relative to its position and orientation when the box is triggered. X=1 and Y=0 is one meter in front of the robot. X=0 and Y=1 is one meter to the left of the robot.

    > The third parameter is the desired orientation of the robot, still relative to its orientation when the box is triggered.

    > Two checkboxes enable the arm movement during the walk.

  3. Come back to the root level and connect the behavior entry to your box.
  4. Click on Play.

    > Your robot walks.

Go on and test the various parameters for the walk box. For more details on the trajectories you can have look at the "Walking" section of the Motion documentation, in the "Destination Control" sub-section. You can now create outstanding movements very easily.

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