Connecting NAO

Execute this procedure to connect an actual robot to Choregraphe. If you prefer working on a simulated robot, you do not need to do anything. This is automatically done when you launch Choregraphe.

  1. Select the Connection menu, then click on Connect to.

    > A new window is displayed.

    > You should see the name of your robot with an icon. If it is not the case, check that it is connected to the network.


    If NAO is not connected to your network, refer to the Getting Started to execute the procedure.

  2. Check that your icon is green, then click on Connect to.

    Refer to the The connection widget description if you do not know yet the meaning of each icon.

If you want to connect again to a simulated robot after having worked on a actual robot, select the Connection menu then click on Connect to a local NAOqi.

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