Editing parameters

Now you know what are parameters, you probably want to edit them for your own boxes. It is pretty easy: from the box editing dialog window, you can add/edit/remove parameters.

Here are the different options of a parameter:

  • Name: parameter name. It has to be unique for each box, as you access the parameter from its name in the box script.
  • Tooltip: it is very important, as you will only see the parameter name and its tooltip if you want to change its value. It has to be very explicit.
  • Inherits from parent: if a parent of this box has a parameter of the same name, the parent value will override the current value.
  • Type: 4 types are possible. Boolean, integer, float and string. Basically, depending on the chosen type, the displayed window will change.
  • Default value: for each parameter, you have to set a default value, so you can go back to the default status after having played with the parameters.
  • Others: depending on the parameters type, you can have other values to set, such as min and max for integer and float type. It is a bit more complicated for the string type, as it is possible to set a list of choices, so you have a multiple choice box (with the possibility to edit an item or not).

It is also possible to connect a link carrying a value to a parameter: each time the link is stimulated, the parameters value will change accordingly.

For instance, you can have a link that changes the speed of the text synthesis:

A link carrying a number changes dynamically the speed parameter

Each box has a getParameter(name) method that can be used in the script to get a parameter value. It will throw an exception if no such parameter exists.

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