Short list

  • Drag and drop a box from the library inside a flow diagram.
  • Drag and drop a position from the position library inside a flow diagram (it will create a box with a timeline that will make the robot go the right position).
  • Double-click on a box to enter it (it will open its script if it has no offspring). Double-click in a flow diagram aside from any box to come back to the upper level.
  • Right-click on a diagram to see all the possibilities. For instance, right-click on a box, and click on the Edit box to change its name / description / inputs / outputs / offspring.
  • Copy and paste is possible in diagrams and the timeline.
  • Click on a robot limb to display the motion panel. Click elsewhere in the 3D widget to make it disappear.
  • To check a behavior you can: click on Play to load it on the robot. You can double-click on an input or output to stimulate it. This is very useful to debug a behavior. Note that it is only possible if the current behavior is playing.
  • Right-click when you are editing script to see what functions are available inside the script.
  • Import/Export box and position libraries.

    Export is not automatic. If you have changed the libraries, make sure that you have exported them before you exit Choregraphe, otherwise your changes will be lost. This should be improved soon...

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