Enslaving NAO

Before moving forward, let's explain an important concept in Choregraphe.

Once you are connected to a robot, you have to enslave it if you want NAO to realize the behavior you are working on.

In Choregraphe, you have different possibilities to enslave or un-enslave your robot.

  1. You can press the enslave / un-enslave button of the menu bar, described in the Main functions section.

    > This button allows you to enslave or un-enslave all the motors of the robot.

  2. You can use the enslave / un-enslave button of the motion window to act on a particular limb as explained in the The 3D NAO panel description.
  3. Finally, you can use the Set Stiffness box.

    Stiffness box

    > This box allows you to act punctually on the stiffness of your robot.

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