Flow diagram panel functions

Right-click on the diagram panel or a selected box to:

  • Cut, copy or paste a box.
  • Add a new box to create a new box and add it to the diagram panel. When you click on this option, the following window is displayed.

    Create a new box window

  1. Enter a name, a brief description and an image. You can browse Choregraphe’s folder or create a new image.
  2. Define the number and the nature of the inputs and outputs of your box. To do so, click on the black arrows to define the nature and on the - or + icons to define the number of entries.
  3. When you click on + to add a new entry to your box, the Add a new input window is displayed, depending on the nature of the entry you want to add.

    add a new input

  4. Enter a name, a description, a type and a nature of your new entry then click on OK.

    The ALMemory value name option can only be defined when you choose an ALMemory input/output nature for your entry.

  5. Finally, choose an offspring for your box depending on its nature (no offspring, timeline or flow diagram).

The Advanced tab of the Create a new box window allows you to define your box as a plugin: numberedit, textedit or changelanguage plugin. A plugin box is a box that offers a user interface, and generates automatically a script from it (see tutorial 4.8 for an example).

  • Select the Add to library option to save a box in the library panel.
  • Select the Convert to Box option. It is useful when you want to create an upper level diagram box to enclose other boxes in order to rearrange your diagram. To do so, select a group of boxes linked to the main behavior entries and select this option. A new box is created (you can define a name and a picture for this box) with automatically generated entries.

    This box will have no entries if the selected boxes are not linked to an entry of your main behavior.

    This new box encloses the other boxes you had selected.
  • The Edit box option allows you to access the description and to modify the nature of the box and its entries. This window is similar to the Create a new box window.
  • The Edit box script opens the script window that allows you to modify the box script (see tutorials on script edition for more information).
  • Right-click on the different inputs or outputs of a diagram box to easily add, delete or modify inputs/outputs. You can also right-click on the borders of the flow diagram panel to create upper level entries.

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