Installation process

You will find Choregraphe on the DVD provided with NAO. Detailed installation instructions are given in the Getting Started section.

To run behaviors, you will need a Python interpreter. On Mac and Windows, the installer takes care of it. In Linux, you will need to do it manually.


If you meet some difficulties to use Choregraphe and to help us fix and improve the software, do not hesitate to use the bug tracker. In any case, do not forget to save your projects very often.

Windows Windows: execute Choregraphe from a Desktop shortcut or the start menu.

Mac Mac: Use the Choregraphe package (in Applications) to execute it.

Linux Linux: execute Choregraphe using the "" script. Enter the following command, from Choregraphe's folder:

moi@localhost ~/choregraphe $ sh


The first time you execute Choregraphe, you will need to edit the preferences and change NAOqi’s folder ("Folders" tab) so Choregraphe is able to execute a Local NAOqi. Otherwise you will not be able to test your behavior on your computer.

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