Emma van Zoelen (DUT) is a third year PhD student at Delft University of Technology, working on human-AI co-learning. Using her background in Industrial Design and Artificial Intelligence, she approaches AI research from a human-centered and interaction-focused perspective, often focusing on the complex interactions that appear as a result of adaptive partners interacting with each other.
Mark Neerincx (TNO/DUT) is full professor in Human-Centered Computing at the Delft University of Technology, and principal scientist at TNO Human-Machine Teaming. His research focuses on the socio-cognitive engineering of human-agent/robot collaboration in different domains such as health, security and defense, to enhance the social, cognitive, affective and physical processes.
Luisa Damiano (IULM) is Associate Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the IULM University of Milan (Italy), where she coordinates the Research Group on Epistemology of the Sciences of the Artificial (RG-ESA). Her main research fields are: Epistemology of the Sciences of Complex Systems; Epistemology of the Cognitive Sciences and Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Biology; Epistemology of the Sciences of the Artificial.
Andreas Dengel (DFKI) is Executive Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern, head of the research area Smart Data & Knowledge Services at DFKI and the DFKI Deep Learning Competence Center. His research focuses on machine learning, pattern recognition, quantified learning, data mining, semantic technologies and document analysis. 
Karel van den Bosch (TNO) is Senior Research Scientist at TNO, Soesterberg. His research interests include the training of complex cognitive tasks (e.g. command & control, decision making); the design of human-AI teams supporting meaningful human control; and how humans and AI learn from and about each other when developing into a human-agent team.  
Mani Tajaddini (DUT) is a PhD student in the Interactive Intelligence Group at TU Delft. Mani is working in the general Hybrid Intelligence (HI) project. Specifically, his project is about creating a design pattern language for HI teams. He is generally interested in complex systems and in studying these systems using mathematically rigorous methods.
Tjeerd Schoonderwoerd (TNO) is a Research Scientist at TNO, Soesterberg. He employs his knowledge of Cognitive Psychology and AI to facilitate a human-centered approach in various AI research projects, with a special interest in the Healthcare domain. Key topics are human-AI collaboration, explainable AI, trust, co-learning, and meaningful human control.
Maaike de Boer (TNO) is a Research Scientist in the department Data Science at TNO. Her research focuses on Hybrid AI, specifically on the combination of data-driven and knowledge-driven (expert-driven) techniques using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Ontologies, and/or co-learning.
Marieke Peeters (Mooncake-AI) is an experienced researcher in the design of human-agent systems. She received her PhD at the University of Utrecht for her work on agent-supported scenario-based training. She continued her academic work on hybrid collective intelligence at the University of Delft, and as a senior research scientist for TNO. Recently, she uses her expertise to address the challenges of developing real-world applications. She is the founder of Mooncake-AI, a startup-company devoted to empowering people with human-centered AI.
Annette ten Teije (VU) is an associate professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her interests are in knowledge modelling, representation and reasoning in particular in the medical domain. She earned a PhD (1997) from the University of Amsterdam (SWI) for her thesis entitled "Automated configuration of problem solving methods in diagnosis". She worked as a post-doc researcher at the Medical Informatics unit of the Imperial Research Cancer Fund in London, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (AI) and as a lecturer at the University of Utrecht (CS) before moving to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2002.
Ruben Verhagen (DUT) is a PhD student in the Interactive Intelligence group at Delft University of Technology. He is interested in how we can employ artificial intelligence systems to tackle fundamental societal and scientific problems. His current research focus lies on improving human-AI teamwork by making artificial intelligence systems more transparent, traceable, and controllable to their human teammates.
Joachim de Greeff (TNO) is Consultant at TNO Data Science. Having a background in human-robot interaction, Joachim worked for a number of years in academia on the interplay between humans and AI. He is currently involved in several projects related to Fair, Transparent, Explainable and Communicative AI. Joachim's passion is to make AI systems more socially aware, so that interaction with people is as intuitive and natural as possible.