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BNVKI welcomes as its members all AI researchers (both junior and senior) who are affiliated directly with a university, university college (hogeschool) or research institute in the Benelux.

Membership dues are 20 euro per year for regular members, and 10 euro per year for doctoral students (AIOs) or students in their master studies. Emeriti who have been active in the board and are actively involved in the BNVKI community can contact the board to request exemption from the membership fee.

Registration for the annual BNAIC conference comes with a 1-year BNVKI membership. If you attended the previous BNAIC, you are therefore automatically already a member! 

Otherwise, subscription can be done by filling in the form below. After this, you will receive an email containing payment instructions to complete your subscription. Note that your subscription has not completed as long as you have not paid! Sending of the BNVKI/AIABN Newsletter by e-mail will only commence after your payment has been received.


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