The BNVKI newsletter is distributed quarterly and contains information about academic conferences, research projects, academic job opportunities, funding opportunities, etc., that take place in the BeNeLux, provided enough information is supplied. Therefore, all members are encouraged to send news and items they consider worthwhile to the editorial office of the BNVKI/AIABN Newsletter.

SIKS is the Netherlands Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems, founded in 1996 by researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Databases & Information Systems and Software Engineering. From 1999 until 2012 SIKS had its own section in the BNVKI-newsletter, mainly containing announcements of courses, symposia, lectures, phd-defenses and other activities. After a hibernating period of three years the Newsletter was reestablished in 2015 in an electronic format. As of 2016 SIKS will continue to provide information to its members in its own section in the BNVKI-Newsletter. For all questions on SIKS, please contact the managing director of SIKS, Dr. Richard Starmans or visit the website

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  • Emil Rijcken (Editor-in-Chief)

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Please note that we are a local organization with a strong academic background and not-for-profit focus. Requests for promotion of events or other activities will be judged based on their interest for our members. In general we will happily include information about items that 1) take place within the BeNeLux, 2) are open to BNVKI members, and 3) are not for profit.

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Initially, the Newsletter was distributed as hard-copy. After a hibernating period of three years the Newsletter was reestablished in 2015 in an electronic format.

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