DKE at Maastricht University is opening a number of positions.  For all information, see the links below.
Full professor in Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Lecturers (two, with a background in Computer Science/Engineering/Applied Mathematics)
Assistant professor in Machine Learning
Assistant professor in Optimization
Soon opening: Associate professor in Data Fusion and Integration
“The focus of this position is on generating high-quality added value from data by developing methods and techniques for: (1) integrating a multitude of different data sources, (2) bringing together widely heterogeneous data sources, and (3) analyzing data with complex and non-standard structures. In current application domains in science and society, there is a strong incentive to develop such methods. This holds for applications ranging from AI techniques in robotics (e.g. self-driving cars, cooperative autonomous agents) to modern medicine (e.g. personalized medicine) and physics (e.g. the combination of noisy data from different devices and detectors, to facilitate detection of events from weak signals).”