08:45 Opening

Collision avoidance, path planning, and vision

Daniel Hennes, Daniel Claes and Karl TuylsEvolutionary Advantage of Reciprocity in Collision Avoidance
Jamie Snape and Dinesh ManochaGoal Velocity Obstacles for Spatial Navigation of Multiple Autonomous Robots or Virtual Agents
Michal Cáp, Peter Novák, Jiri Vokrinek and Michal PechoucekMulti-agent mpling-based Cooperative Pathfinding
Tarek El-Gaaly, Christopher Tomaszewski, Abhinav Valada, Prasanna Velagapudi, Balajee Kannan and Paul ScerriVisual Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Watercraft using Smartphones
Xiang Li, Mohan Sridharan and Catie MeadorLearning Object Models on a Robot using Visual Context and Appearance Cues
10:45Coffee break

Software engineering and reliability

Sagar Chaki, John Dolan and Joseph GiampapaToward a Quantitative Method for Assuring Coordinated Autonomy
A. Tuna Ozgelen, Eric Schneider, Elizabeth Sklar, Michael Costantino, Susan Epstein and Simon ParsonsA first step towards testing multiagent coordination mechanisms on multirobot teams
Damian Lyons, Ronald Arkin, Paramesh Nirmal, Shu Jiang and Tsung-Ming LiuPerformance Verification for Behavior-based Robot Missions
Gal KaminkaOn the Use of Teamwork Software for Multi-Robot Formation Control

Multi-robot tasks and planning

Ayush Dewan, Aravindh Mahendran, Nikhil Soni and Madhava KrishnaOptimization Based Coordinated UGV-MAV Exploration for 2D Augmented Mapping
Elizabeth Jensen and Maria Gini Rolling Dispersion for Robot Teams
Stefan Witwicki, Francisco Melo, Jesus Capitan Fernaˇndez, Matthijs Spaa and Jose Carlos Castillo MontoyaRobot Planning under Uncertainty with Unpredictable Events
Efrat Sless, Noa Agmon and Sarit KrausMulti-Robot Adversarial Patrolling: Facing Coordinated Attacks
Brian Coltin and Manuela VelosoTowards Replanning for Mobile Service Robots with Shared Information
15:05Coffee break

Hri, swarms and modular robotics

M. Q. Azhar, Eric Schneider, Jordan Salvit, Holly Wall and Elizabeth SklarEvaluation of an argumentation-based dialogue system for human-robot collaboration
Bennie Lewis, Bulent Tastan and Gita SukthankarAdapting to Expert-Novice Differences in Human-Robot Interaction
Jean Oh, Arne Suppe, Anthony Stentz and Martial HebertEnhancing robot perception using the eyes of human teammates
Ayan Dutta, Prithviraj Dasgupta, Jose Baca and Carl NelsonA Fast Coalition Structure Search Algorithm for Modular Robot Reconfiguration Planning under Uncertainty
Katie Genter, Noa Agmon and Peter StoneImproving Efficiency of Leading a Flock in Ad Hoc Teamwork Settings
Atil Iscen, Adrian Agogino, Vytas Sunspiral and Kagan TumerRobust Distributed Control of Rolling Tensegrity Robot



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February 9, 2013

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February 27, 2013

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March 8, 2013

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May 7, 2013



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