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This page is meant to keep an overview over all contacts that we have to experts in the field of negotiation (job/housing domain and general negotiation experts).

Name Email Phone Function Contact holder Previous activities Planned activities
Elly Pauw e.pauw@EWI.TUDelft.NL P&O manager EWI Alina Focus Group
Vera Smits Alina
Ellen Warffemius Alina
Aletta Wubben TU coach Alina Focus Group
Ella Fasel Social worker Alina
Mascha Roelofs 020-3375184 Ex makelaar Alina, Willem-Paul, Joost expert interview
Has Swinkels, CapGemini +31.6.29527070 HRM adviseur Catholijn (via Theo Thijssen) expert interview
Jeroen Meijer (stichting NIO) +31.6.55366040 advocaat Catholijn focus groep, gebruikerscommissie STW
Patrick Aerts (dir. NCF) +31.70.3440700 ervaring met onderhandelen Catholijn
Mark van Gurp (Praction) +31.40.2024372, +31.6.21595583 onderhandelaar, trainer in onderhandelen Catholijn focusgroep, gebruikerscommissie STW
Bernd Rottgering (2VM) <no email> +31.478530111 makelaar Catholijn (via Jeroen Meijer)
Jeroen Stoop (088) 200 2005 Directeur Makelaarsland Joost expert interview
Ronald Kuil, Martijn Bakker Vastgoedontwikkeling/-beheer TU Delft Pascal
Etta Pouw (IBM) +31.6.22569972 IBM recruter (HRM adviseur) Catholijn expert interview
Judith Engelsman Almende, HR manager Catholijn expert interview