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I am an Assistant Professor in the Interactive Intelligence group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS), at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

I received a PhD in Computer Science (2016) from North Carolina State University. Prior to TU Delft, I have been an Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology (2017—2019), an intern at Google, and Software Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent.

I co-direct the Hippo lab, a Delft AI lab on decision support for fair and interpretable public policy. I am a participating researcher in the Hybrid Intellgence center.

Engineering socially intelligent agents is the overarching theme of my research. I envision computing systems as sociotechnical systems that support rich interactions between humans and computational agents, enabling a variety of individual and societal applications. I seek to develop (1) cognitive abstractions (e.g., values, norms, trust, and contexts) for systematically engineering sociotechnical systems; (2) deliberation and negotiation techniques to support rich, many-to-many, interactions among humans and agents, and (3) data-driven methods for supporting decision making by intelligent agents. My works address research challanges that often span multiple computing subareas, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence: multiagent systems, norms, negotiation, deliberation, trust, social network analysis, crowdsourcing;
  • Software Engineering: requirements, agent-oriented, context-aware (mobile and social) apps;
  • Privacy and Security: multiuser privacy, cyber analytics, software security.