Myrthe Tielman

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I am involved in teaching the following courses:


Human-Computer Interaction (CSE Bachelor)

CSE3500 - Traditionally interaction with computer systems moved from text-based (e.g., terminals) to graphical user interfaces (GUI). These evolved to a wider range of platforms than just desktop computers, to include computer kiosks, tablets, and smart phones. As technology systems (e.g., expert systems, recommender systems) increase in complexity, a standard graphical user interface (GUI) is often not sufficient to harness their power. This course will therefore consider developments in intelligent adaptive interfaces, but also alternative modalities for interaction such as Voice user interfaces (VUI), augmented reality (AR), and embodied agents. This course will cover four aspects of HCI systems: a) Identifying functional and non-functional requirements. b) Design of interactive and adaptive systems. c) Prototyping of these systems. d) User-centered Evaluation of these systems.

Conversational Agents (CSE Master)

CS4270 - Conversational agents are computer programs that converse with a human in a natural way using communication channels such as speech, text, but also facial and full body gestures. Conversational agents can be embodied (ECA) such as robots or virtual agents, voice based such as Siri or text-based only such as chat-bots. They are applied for many different domains such as health, education, entertainment, virtual assistants and customer service. In this course, students will look at the principles, concepts and theories underlying the different aspects of conversational agents. In addition, students will build their own conversational agent to demo at the end of the course.


If you are a master student and looking for a thesis project, take a look at the topics below or at my 'projects' page for the type of topics I'm interested in. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of these.
  • Trust in AI systems, and how to make them trustworthy (including explainable AI)

  • Human-AI Teamwork (in particular mutual understanding between humans and AI)

  • Values in assisting technologies


    Previous Master Students:
  • Thomas Overklift - Intelligent Agents that Support Students with Self-Study (2019)

  • Tinka Zorge (Leiden) - When Computers Should Say They Are Sorry (2019)

  • Remy Kabel - Value-Based Smart Reminders (2019)