On April 15, 2019, the TU Delft, UT and the IPN workgroup on Ethics in Computer Science  will organize a workshop for researchers, research coordinators and members of human research ethics committees.

The focus will be human research in STEM . During the workshop we will address a number of questions and challenges topics when it comes to human research: 

  • How can we make researchers  (and student’s) more engaged with the ethical issues associated with their research?
  • How do we organize the review process? Who is responsible? What other stakeholders are involved?
  • How to we deal with ethical dilemmas for  human research when it comes  to ‘new’ technologies (during the workshop we will focus on Big data/AI,  Social software and  medical devices
  • What are the implications of new regulations by the EU: GDPR and medical devices?

In the morning we will first focus on the first two questions. After that we will  analyse difficult case studies around big data and social software. Do we know the risks for the participants?  Which decision should we take? Which condition should we set? How do we monitor? Can we reach consensus? You may also bring your own case.

In the afternoon we will have presentations by 3 experts:

  • Iris Muis (Utrecht Data school): how to recognize ethical issues in data projects, data management and data policies.
  • Prof. Christian Olivers (VU) : How to  strengthen ethics assessment across the Netherlands.
  • Prof Martine C. de Vries (LUMC): the thin line between medical and non-medical research.

The workshop will be chaired by prof Sabine Roeser from TU Delft who is also chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee.