Workshop Program 24 + 25 January 2019

Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Agents are hot topics. These days, it is possible to encounter humanoid speaking robots like Pepper, NAO, and Sophia in shops, airports, or hospitals. Smart living assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana are slowly conquering our homes and our cars. Additionally, speaking avatars are being developed for education and therapy. Although all these agents have different embodiments, they share one thing: it is possible to converse with them. But what is the quality of the conversation? Are the agents good communication partners? And can we believe what they tell us? Why and how do they make certain choices?

The 4TU Humans&Technology cooperation is organizing a workshop on Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Agents. Experts from several universities will present their research in these fields and share what they expect for the future. A discussion session will give room to actively discuss and exchange ideas, while a panel session at the end of the workshop is intended to provide different perspectives and new insights on the two core topics. We will also demo the Pepper robot for an opportunity to experience a conversational agent in action.

Location: The workshop takes places at the Chip lecture hall, EWI building, Mekelweg 4, Delft.

Dates: 24 and 25 of January 2019.

Time: The program starts at 08.45 with welcome, registration and coffee.

Fee: The entrance is free, as well as coffee and tea. Lunch is at your own expense at the nearby canteen.

Registration: Please register HERE.

Date: Thursday January 24, 2019 (focus: explainable artificial intelligence)    
Chairman: Bernd Dudzik    
9.15 Opening on behalf of TU Delft // Interactive Intelligence (host) Prof. dr. Catholijn Jonker TU Delft
9.30 Opening on behalf of 4TU cooperation between Dutch technical universities Prof. dr. D. Heylen UTwente
9.45 Making robot behavior more intuitive Dr Maartje de Graaf Utrecht University
10.15 Coffee break    
10.45 Explaining cognitive agents Ir. Vincent Koeman TU Delft
11.15 Council of coaches Prof. dr. D. Heylen UTwente
11.45 Lunch    
12.45 Applied Explainable AI for classification problems through contrastive explanations Jasper van der Waa, MSc TNO
13.10 Conversations with children Prof. dr. Koen Hindriks TU Delft / Vrije Universiteit
13.40 Teabreak    
14.00 Visualization for transparency in decision making Prof. dr. Jack van Wijk TU Eindhoven
14.35 Robots that Listen to People's Hearts: The Role of Emotions in the Communication between Humans and Social Robots Prof. dr. Ana Paiva Universida de Lisboa
15.15 Tea Break    
15.25-17.00 Workshop Ir. V. Koeman, Ir. F. Kaptein TU Delft
17.00 Drinks and demo's of XAI/CA    
18.00  Closure day 1    
Date: Friday January 25, 2019 (focus: conversational agents)    
Chairman: Fran Burger    
9.30 Enhancing Trust in Autonomous Vehicles through Intelligent User Interfaces that Mimic Human Behavior Ir. Peter Ruijten TU Eindhoven
10.00 ARIA VALUSPA - Artificial Retrieval of Information Assistants – Virtual Agents with Linguistic Understanding, Social skills, and Personalised Aspects Dr. Merijn Bruijnes UTwente
10.25 A social robot for patient reported outcome measurements Ir. Roel Boumans TU Delft
10.50 Coffee break    
11.10 Conversational agents in psychotherapy - an overview Dr. Willem-Paul Brinkman TU Delft
11.35 Pepper and the Nurse: a team or a mismatch? Drs. Daisy van de Putte Erasmus University
12.00 Lunch    
13.00 “This is Hero” – Talk on the importance of getting acquainted in child-robot interaction. Drs. M. Ligthart TU Delft
13.25 Development and pilot-evaluation of an interactive, computer-simulated virtual patient-based eLearning Prof. Julia van Weert Universiteit Amsterdam

Hybrid Intelligent Explanations for a Healthy Lifestyle

Prof. dr. Mark Neerincx TNO
14.15 Tea/coffee break    
14.30 Talking about actions and values for behavior support Dr. Myrthe Tielman TU Delft
14.55 Panel discussion Panelists: Prof. Mark Neerincx, Prof Julia van Weert, Ir. Jeroen Wildenbeest  
15.55 Closing