Socially Intelligent Systems

My research is about making robots more social and able to interact with us more naturally. I use cognitive agent technology, and Dual Process Theory and the Systems 1 and 2 interpretation of Daniel Kahneman on human intuition and reasoning as a guideline for developing (engineering) socially-aware and socially interactive machines. The challenge is to design a Social Interaction Architecture (SIA) for a generic Personal Interactive Assistant (PIA)

Systems 1 and 2

Abstract Social Interaction Architecture

The Hypothesis is that abstract 2-layered interaction architectures which symbolically represent interaction elements that humans have cognitive access to provides for increased re-usability and flexible interaction.


Robots helpen zieke kinderen

July 25

Onze projecten met het Prinses Maxima Centrum en het Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei in het Jeugdjournaal. Je kunt het item hier terugkijken.

Best Paper New Friends Conference

June 29

Mike, Mark and me received the best paper award for our paper Child-Robot Interaction: The Importance of Getting Acquainted at the New Friends Conference in Panama.

Interview Robotrechten EenVandaag

April 16

Interview met EenVandaag over het EU voorstel om een rechtspositie aan robots te geven. Zie ook de Open Letter to the European Commission on AI and Robotics die ik samen met veel andere collega's heb ondertekend. Je kunt het item hier terugkijken.

Onderwijsrobot bij Zapplive

February 24

Drie leerlingen hebben live tijdens de Zapplive opname een programma gemaakt voor de robot om een stukje te lopen en dan hagelslag op een boterham te strooien! Je kunt het item hier terugkijken.


Primary Literature

I actively maintain an overview of My Publications on My ResearchGate profile. For impact (e.g., H-index, citations) of my research, check out My Google Scholar profile. I obtained My PhD Degree February 5, 2001, at 16:15 for My PhD Thesis Agent Programming Languages: Programming with Mental Models, which you can find here, from my supervisors John-Jules Ch. Meyer, Frank S. de Boer, and Wiebe van der Hoek.

I also keep track of My Academic Talks and Presentations (select the Presentation item to see an overview) on My ResearchGate profile.


Open Source

I strongly believe that scientific research in computer science should also result in prototypes and software systems that can be reused in academy as well as in industry. You can find an overview of My Open Source Software projects on GitHub and Bitbucket. Check out My Cognitive Agent Programming Language GOAL for programming strategic decision making agents which we have used for controlling social robots and for creating bots for StarCraft. GOAL enables the programming of cognitive agents that derive their choice of action (decisions) from their beliefs and goals, similar to how we make practical decisions.


Storytelling, discussing, teaching, training

You can find the courses I teach and have taught on My ResearchGate profile. Looking for a MSc Thesis subject on cognitive agents, social robots, or social interaction with machines, in games, healthcare, or somewhere else, contact me here.


Delft University of Technology

Department of Intelligent Systems

Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, 2628 XE Delft

The Netherlands

phone: +31 15 27 82523

Room W6.700

ORCID: 0000-0002-5707-5236

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