AffectButton Video Annotation Tool - User Manual

Description of the url parameters (Click to enlarge)
The above figure (Click to enlarge) illustrates how you set the parameters of the page. The parameters are URL parameters which are assigned using "=" and separated using "&". * You can choose to use either of the two data submission methods (Google form & Local File + Email).
google_form_edit   google_form_liveview
There MUST be only ONE input field, which should be "Paragraph text" (for a long string input), in the form (see left figure). The right figure shows the live view of the form. The ID of the form can be found in the URL address bar of the browser.
Set the state of the google form to accepting responses.
The form must be set to "live". The icon on the tool bar of the form should be "Accepting responses".
A demo can be found at AppLink (with example parameters). Results can be found at Data SpreadSheet.
The full url of the demo is:
If you cannot see the video area, please refesh that page. The video may take a while to load for slow computers, or you can change the dimension of the video for a lower resulotion.
An example of the resulting affect trace is shown below. Two pleaure traces from positive and negative conditions of an experiment video are shown in the figure. The trace is generated using 5-point moving average.