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Prof. Dr. Catholijn M. Jonker

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Prof. Dr. C.M. Jonker Prof. Dr. C.M. Jonker, visiting professor, January - July 2016
Interactive Intelligence Group Computational Social Science
Department of Intelligent Systems Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Delft University of Technology ETH Zurich
Room: HB 12.300 Room: CLU E-3
Telephone: +31.15.2781315 Telephone: +41.44.63 22403
Mobile phone: +31.6.48875207 Mobile phone: +31.6.48875207
C.M.Jonker@tudelft.nl C.M.Jonker@tudelft.nl

Research interests

My research interests are the modelling and simulation of cognitive processes and concepts such as trust, negotiation, teamwork and the dynamics of individual agents and organisations. I enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams and creating synergy between humans and technology by understanding, shaping and using fundamentals of intelligence and interaction. I am inspired by social intelligence theories, and, e.g., use concepts such as social practice to improve the interactive intelligence of agents.

My current main research projects are:

My research hobby is Dog cognition in cooperation with De Roedel. We accept self-funded research trainees to help us with this research. If you are interested in an alien intelligence that has been living close to us humans for many thousands of years and you have an aptitude for formalisations and simulations, please contact mailto:c.m.jonker@tudelft.nl>me.


My publications and papers are maintained in a database that automatically produces the following html file.

Application areas

Over the years I learned most about the following application areas

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I am usually involved in the following courses (more information on Blackboard):

In the past I have (co)-taught many courses on topics such as multi-agent systems, non-monotonic logics, temporal logics, artificial intelligence, and negotiation.

Current Ph.D. students

  1. Nanja Smets (guest) works on the MECA project, supervision together with Prof. Dr. Mark Neerincx. Her project is related to the Shared Mental Models project.
  2. Vincent Koeman, working on self-explaining software agents. Started November 2014. Co-supervised by Dr. Koen Hindriks.
  3. Pietro Pasotti. Normative reasoning systems. Started August 2015. Co-supervised by Birna van Riemsdijk.
  4. Thomas Moerland. Affective Computing and Reinforcement Learning. Started November 2015. Co-supervised by Joost Broekens.
  5. Rijk Mercuur. Rijk is working on social practices and nervousnet. Intelligent agents should understand social practices to work together (and with humans) through Nervousnet in an effective and socially acceptable way. Rijk's daily supervisor is Virginia Dignum.
  6. Xueling Li is working on Objects with Intent. The supervisory team consists of Marco Rozendaal (daily supervisor), Kaspar Jansen, and myself.

List of students who succesfully defended their thesis

Curriculum Vitae

  • Condensed Curriculum Vitae. A long version can be obtained by mailing me.

  • Personal Interests

  • Personal Interests