From Willem-paul

Currently I am involved in in the following modules at Delft University of Technology:

  • TI1116: Mentorship
  • TI3706 Bachelor Seminar recording lectures
  • TI2800 Context project (Dutch) recording lectures interaction design
  • CS4015 Behaviour change support systems (English), recorded lectures
  • CS4125 Seminar Research Methodology for Data Science recorded lectures

I was involved in:

Online recording of the Delft lectures are available (including sound and slides).

At Brunel University, I was involved in:

  • CS1022B Foundations of Computing
  • CS3072B/CS3074B/CS3076B Level 3 Project
  • CS5062A Professional Development & Research
  • CS2010A Interactive Systems
  • CS3025S Information Systems: Strategy and Management