From Willem-paul

HealthPsychology: Open source software repository with java routines that can be used in (mental) health related application.

  • MotivateDuringTherapy : Routine which generates motivational feedback in PTSD application related to treatment progress and patient's trust in the success of a good treatment outcome.

Here are some links to software developed mainly by my students:

  • Demo and source code at github (source code only speech animation, version 1.0 TalkingCoach Demo code on github). TalkingCoach is a software framework which software developers can use to create a virtual character, which can speak in natural language. Developers can embed the virtual character in their online applications. The software of Talkingcoach includes the features such as : (1) changeable virtual character; (2) animation for speaking mouth; (3) body animations(3); embedding of text-to-speak functionality, with the possibility of interruption; and changeable background scenery.
  • Virtual coach and content editor developed for LUMC code on github, demo software of the coach, video demo of coach], video demo of the editor