Failing forward

During the 3rd summer school on social Human Robot Interaction it became apparent that there is a need to exchange hands-on experiences with human robot interaction (HRI) research; particularly when things don't go as planned. The knowledge gained from such experiences, coupled with honest reporting of research failures and negative results, is underreported in scientific literature [1]. As a consequence researchers cannot learn from each other's mistakes and insights.

However, there is a movement towards embracing failures and the valuable insight they can provide (e.g. a CV of failures [2]; failing forward conferences in business and academia). The aim of this half-day workshop is to bring this movement to the HRI community.

[1] Goodchild van Hilten, L. (2015). Why it's Time to Publish Research" Failures. Science Communication.
[2] Stefan, M. (2010). A CV of failures. Nature, 468(7322), 467-467