Submissions, Presentations & Attendees

Submitted titles: (Full papers will be e-mailed to all attendees before the workshop)

Developing an Intelligent Virtual Coach for Chronic Disease Management - A. van Wissen, C. Vinkers & A. van Halteren

Risk Detection in Smart Mental-Health Applications - M. Tielman, C. Pagliari & W.P. Brinkman - Presentation

Virtual Health agents at home - How people use them - C. Horsch - Presentation

Information is Wealth: Using Information from Virtual Human Interactions to Engineer Interpersonal Skills Training Experiences - Shivashankar Halan, Stephanie Carnell, Andrew Cordar & Benjamin Lok - Presentation

Exploring the Potentiality to Estimate Speaker's Attitude by Low-level Features in Active Listening Conversation - Hung-Hsuan Huang, Kanehiro Kobushiro, Sayumi Shibusawa & Kyoji Kawagoe - Presentation

On the Perceived Human-likeness of Virtual Health Agents: Towards a Generalized Measurement of Anthropomorphism - Peter A.M. Ruijten - Presentation

Intelligent Behavior Change Support through Virtual Health Agents - J.S. Mollee, M.C.A. Klein - Presentation

MSc. Myrthe Tielman - TUDelft
Dr. Willem-Paul Brinkman - TUDelft
MSc. Corine Horsch - TUDelft
Ursula Beer - TUDelft
Mark Neerincx - TUDelft & TNO
Dr. Ulysses Bernardet - Simon Fraser University
Stephanie Carnell - University of Florida
Shivanshankar Halan - University of Florida
Andrew Cordar - University of Florida
Rieks op den Akker - University of Twente
Jeroen Linssen - University of Twente
Dr. Arlette van Wissen - Philips Research
Charlotte Vinkers - Philips Research
Dr. Peter Ruijten - Eindhoven University of Technology
Prof. Dr. John-Jules Meyer - Utrecht University & ATIA
Dr. Ir. Robbert-Jan Beun - Utrecht University
Hung-Hsuan Huang - Ritsumeikan University
Florian Lingenfelser - Universit├Ąt Ausberg
Ariya Priyasantha - Activaite