Fully Integrated Development Environment for Eclipse Released

We have just released a major update of the GOAL Plug-in for Eclipse. This update now provides a fully integrated code writing and debugging environment in Eclipse for GOAL. A main feature of the debugging perspective is that it also provides code stepping for agent programs.

The plug-in is made available for Eclipse Kepler. Check out the instructions for installing the plug-in. A Quick Start Guide is available which briefly explains debugging agent programs in Eclipse and the main new features, including:

  • code-stepping with display of rule condition and precondition evaluation
  • breakpoints for (conditionally) breaking on a rule in a program
  • introspector for inspecting beliefs, goals, percepts, and mails of an agent
  • evaluation for displaying evaluation of current rule condition or action precondition
  • interactive console for querying an agent's mental state
  • history logs that display complete history of an agent's run
  • Posted: 2014-05-26 20:26
  • Author: koen
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