Quick Start Tutorials

All tutorials are now included in the User Guide.


You may also want to read this short tutorial (and a follow-up tutorial) by Malintha Fernando about Genius (up to version 6.0.1) .

There is also an ExampleAgent wiki for a number of handy topics and code snippets to start implementing your negotiating agent.


Below are some other helpful videos and presentations that we received from Genius users.

- A presentation illustrating the use of the negotiation domain and protocol in Genius, by Yuta Hosokawa and Katsuhide Fujita. (also available in PowerPoint.)
- IntelliJ Tutorials:  Catching Exceptions in GENIUS 9.1.5 IntelliJ



Old Quick Start Tutorials:
How to Edit and Compile an Agent
How to Load an Agent
How to run the Genius Environment
How to create a Scenario
How to run a Negotiation



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