Experiment at TNO finished last week

By Iris Cohen / On Oct.21.2014 / In / Width


Last Friday was the last day of experimental sessions at TNO. Around 24 participants travelled to TNO in the last week to partake in this study. The main hypotheses of this experiment focused on differences in results between the feedback conditions. We implemented 3 types of feedback in the feedback system (bio/feedback, performance feedback and specific error feedback), and this experiment tested if scores on a stressful task varied when different feedback or combinations of feedback were given. Participants took the role of emergency workers in a ship where several fires occurred, which they had to extinguish. By asking the right questions, participants gathered information that was needed to decide what action was needed for that particular fire. Several stressors varied between conditions; time pressure, information uncertainty and having a colleague that could take over. During these tasks, different types of feedback, or a combination of feedback types were shown to the participants. Next to quantitative data, we also collected qualitative data to find out how people experienced the different feedback. The next months will be used to analyze the data and report the results in a paper.