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Future demo’s and presentations:


Past demo’s and presentations:

28 October 2015, Dissertation Defence @ Senaatzaal, TU Delft, The Netherlands

19 May 2015, Colloquium @ TNO, PCS department

17 May 2015, Colloquium @ TU Delft, II department

04-December 2014, The feedback systems will be demonstrated during the demo-sessions at the breinproducten dag.

10-June 2014, Colloquium @ TU Delft II department colloquim

16-May 2014, Presentation and demonstration at the Symposium over Virtual Reality en fysiologische metingen voor Training en Therapie

Research platforms

BioMechanical Engineering:

Tulip, DPR1, Philips Compliant Arm, Hand, Haptic Master, walking robot Leo (suitable for on-line learning), Fluffy

Delft Center for Systems and Control:

Philips Compliant 7-DOF Arm, EdRo 5-DOF robot arm, Zebro (6-legged walking robot), 4-legged walking robot, walking robot Leo, 6 iRobots Create

Interactive Intelligence Group:

iCat, 2 Nao robots (Academic version, produced by Aldebaran), 4 AIBO robots (Sony)