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Many hot topics related to research in Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery are worthy of ample discussion within our community. Setting priorities for our research, identifying appropriate topics and partners (whether academic or industrial) for cooperation in our subsequent project applications, balancing topic coverage within courses we teach, and assessing the impact of our own recent research contributions are just some of the personal decisions many of us make that would benefit from a Panel at our conference. Example topics could be cases where our community is cordially split among several substantially different avenues to tackle the same problem, or among several theoretical or practical problems deeply interrelated, or among various perspectives to focus teaching activities. All this is intended to suggest ideas but is by no means limiting!

ECML PKDD will include panels on topics of interest for the audience. The Panel Chairs are Jose Balcazar and Sergei Kuznetsov.

If you are interested in proposing a panel on some specific topic, we want to encourage you to submit a Panel Proposal. Proposals are free text as there is no form, but, naturally, we expect each Panel Proposal to indicate the name(s) of the Panel Organizer(s), identify clearly the topic of the panel, contribute an explanation of its interest that would look enticing for ECML PKDD registrants to attend the corresponding Panel Session, and describe the specific contents of the Panel: names of panelists who may have accepted to participate (conditioned to acceptance of the Panel Proposal, of course), names of panelists who would be contacted and asked to participate, potential replacements in case they decline, maybe somewhat novel formats like some respected researcher, or teacher, or representative of a company, not present personally, being displayed through a short video and giving some question to ponder or some statement to discuss; or whatever related ideas the Panel Organizers may wish to suggest. We expect each proposal to fit comfortably within one to three pages of text with usual font and margins.

The Panel timeline is as follows:

Proposal deadline: June 6, 2014

Decision of acceptance or rejection: June 25, 2014

Panel proposals should be sent by email to both Panel Chairs (preferably simultaneously) using the addresses jose.luis.balcazar at and skuznetsov at, written in a simple, open, and common format such as .txt or .pdf (please avoid .doc).

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