On behalf of the BNVKI board, I’m honored to inform you that Prof. Frank Dignum from the University of Utrecht, recently received the ECCAI fellows title. This prestigious title has been awarded to Frank, because of his extensive contributions to the international AI community. We all know his work in multiagent systems and organizational theory and norms. His contributions range from the formal technical aspects and tools to the more conceptual, cognitive and social aspects. His widespread international network is witnessed by a large publication list which includes some 200 co-authors.

We are proud to have Frank Dignum on our BNVKI member list and we hope he is going to continue to play an active role in our society.

You can find the full list of ECCAI fellows at http://www.eccai.org/fellow.php?sort=year

Ann Nowé

Chair of the BNVKI


Thanks Frank for being an ideal ambassador for the BNVKI!