The BNVKI has a budget available to sponsor events. An event is eligible to sponsoring by the BNVKI when the following conditions are met:

At least one of the organisors of the event is a BNVKI member.
The topic of the event is in the scope of the BNVKI, to be judged by the board.
A summary/report of the event is sent to the board so that it can be put in the newsletter and on the website.
The event website mentions the BNVKI as a sponsor.
The organisors provide a budget estimate mentioning the estimated income and expenses.
The events takes place in the Benelux.
The typical sponsoring amount is 250 euro, but can be higher depending on the size of the event. To apply for sponsoring, you can send an email to Virginia Dignum (treasurer) or Tibor Bosse (student affairs).