by: Jaap van den Herik, Director of SKBS

Since 1999 we have seen many different appearances of the Demo-session. The common characteristic is the emphasis on being “an industrial exhibition”. Up to 2006 the prize money was provided by SKBS only. The Foundation for Knowledge Based Systems originates from the late 1980s as a foundation within SPIN (Stimulerings Projectteam In Nederland). The Foundation SNN (Stichting Neurale Netwerken) is another well-known member of the former SPIN. They supported SKBS financially with augmenting the SKBS prize in 2007. In 2008, the industrial partner Strukton announced its willingness to participate in the prize funding. The extra contribution was gratefully accepted. As stated above they continued this policy in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  In the table below, we provide an overview of the winners of the SKBS prize winner so far.

1999 MaastrichtM. van Wezel, J. Sprenger, R. van Stee, and H. La Poutré: Neural Vision 2.0 – Exploratory Data Analysis with Neural Networks
2000 Kaatsheuvel (shared prize)E. Zopfi: HKTG. Schram: LubeSelect
2001 Amsterdam Alexander Ypma, Rob Kleiman, Jan Valk, and Bob Duin: MINISOM – A System for Machine Health Monitoring with Neural Networks
2002 Leuven F. Brazier, D. Mobach, and B. Overeinder: AgentScape Demonstration
2003 Nijmegen Bert Kappen, Wim Wiegerinck, Ender Akay, Marcel Nijman, Jan Neijt, and André van Beek: Promedas: A Diagnostic Decision Support System
2004 GroningenWouter Teepe: The Secret Prover: Proving Possession of Arbitrary Files While not Giving Them Away
2005 BrusselsGerald de Jong: Fluidiom: The Evolution of Locomotion
2006 NamurMarion Verduijn, Niels Peek, Peter Rosseel, Evert de Jonge, and Bas de Mol: Procarsur: A System for Prognostic Reasoning in Cardiac Surgery
2007 UtrechtTim Harbers, Rob van der Veen, Marten den Uyl: Sentient Demonstration: Vicavision
2008 Enschede (shared prize)Joris Maervoet, Patrick De Causmaecker, and Greet  Vanden Berghe: A Generic Rule Miner for Geographic DataDennis Reidsma and Anton Nijholt: Temporal Interaction between an Artificial Orchestra Conductor and Human Musicians
2009 EindhovenTom van Bergen, Maarten Brugmans, Bart Dohmen and Niels Molenaar: Cobes: The clean, safe and hospitable metro
2010 LuxembourgWillem Burgers, Wim Wiegerinck, and Bert Kappen: Disaster Victim Identification System
2011 GhentWim Vancroonenburg, Jannes Verstichel, Greet Vanden Berghe, and Wouter Souffriau: Efficient aircraft loading: a mixed integer programming approach for the aircraft weight and balance problem