— by the organising team

This year was the 16th edition of the Annual CognAC AI Symposium. We were very proud of the many accomplishments of this year. Firstly, we found a new location outside of the University Campus: The Novio Tech Campus. This year we initiated contact with them and since they are a large hub with a lot of technical companies we hope to develop our relation with them over the coming years. Secondly, we started looking into a more stable financial situation. We managed to accomplish this through hard work and with the help of BNVKI amongst others. Our speakers this year were from a wide range of what AI & art could be. We had a speaker from the Rijksmuseum who talked about using generative models to help with the restoration of art pieces. We had speakers from a law firm who talked about AI, law and copyright. There were two speakers with a background in music. One of whom used AI for ambient mixing and the other about actual music generation with AI. Our keynote speaker this year was Albelli who has been working on software that helps with creating your own photo books. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and were extremely happy with the attendance. Hopefully we can make even more steps next year.