November 20-24, 2021

The EAI International Conference “AI for People: Towards Sustainable
AI” was born out of the idea of shaping Artificial Intelligence
technology around human and societal needs. While Artificial
Intelligence (AI) can be a beneficial tool, its development and its
deployment impact society and the environment in ways that need to be
thoroughly addressed and confronted.

This year’s edition will focus on Sustainable AI, covering different
aspects of social development, environmental protection, and economic
growth applied in the design and deployment of AI systems. The
conference will provide its participants with opportunities to gain a
better understanding of the major challenges of utilizing AI for the
societal good. Additionally, it should serve as an incubator for
interdisciplinary communities that share a research agenda to exchange
and discuss ideas related to the design and application of Sustainable
AI. Here, Sustainable AI is a movement to foster change towards
greater ecological integrity and social justice in the entire life
cycle of AI systems.

Call for Full Papers: