Talk That Science is an initiative of students to narrow the gap between science and society through music. We do this by recording radio shows in which an interview with a scientist is alternated with applicable music. Our goal is to make science popular and accessible for everyone so that society is better informed about developments in this field and the way it affects our daily lives. At the same time, this offers scientists an opportunity to share knowledge and findings with society in an accessible way.

Did you know that COMPUTER SCIENCE can help to design ways to run a democracy? Listen to professor Ulle Endriss to find out why computers can help us when it comes down to making collective decisions.

Talking about EVOLUTIONARY ROBOTICS with professor Guszti Eiben. Explore the implications of evolutionary robots, because if evolution created life, do we create artificial life with artificial evolution? Follow us on our journey to discover how evolution can be implemented in robots, while listening to great songs.