Just like the field of AI experienced the AI winter, “De Connectie” stopped publishing for around 4 years. Until 2015 “De Connectie” reported regularly about the latest projects of AI by giving researchers and students across the Netherlands the opportunity to write about their projects.
Much has happened in the field of AI, and as of September, “De Connectie” will be back to report about it with in a new edition, with a new look and a new name: Turning.

But not everything has changed. Turning will continue to publish every edition with a theme topic, starting with “AI and Arts”. This first issue connects to the spirit of previous editions and includes articles from students and researchers from Nijmegen, Tilburg and Enschede. The board, a group of students from the Radboud University Nijmegen, hopes to expand their network to include articles written by AI enthusiasts and experts across the Netherlands and beyond.

Targeted mainly towards students in the field of AI, the general aim is to be understandable to everyone with interest in the field and close the gap between the general interest and research in AI.

Turning will be published twice a year, starting this September. A yearly subscription costs 5 € (excluding delivery), please contact info@turningmagazine.com.

Further information as well as sneak peaks about the first articles can be found at https://www.turningmagazine.com/.