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Session Ic: Innovative Applications by John-Jules Meyer (UU / ATIA) (BNAIC 2013)

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In any conference the organizers face the problem of putting talks into sessions that should be preferably coherent in some way. And in many conferences there are talks that defy a proper classification to be put together. I was informed that this was the case with the talks in this session, which was a kind [...]

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Session Ia: Robotics (BNAIC 2013)

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The first session after the invited speaker was on Robotics. All papers in this session related to humanoid robots, and the Nao in particular. Mike Ligthart presented his work on trusting robots in a very refreshing way. He argued that it is very important to be aware of the extend that humans trust robots that [...]

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Invited Talk by Wiebe van der Hoek (BNAIC 2013)

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The first invited talk of BNAIC 2013 was given by Wiebe van der Hoek and combined two studies related to modal logic. In the first part Wiebe gave some examples of statements about believes that surprisingly (to me at least) cannot be expressed in standard modal logic. These are statements with some local (in the [...]

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Report of ECSQARU 2013

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Report of ECSQARU 2013 Silja Renooij Department of Information and Computing Sciences Utrecht University   The twelfth edition of The European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty (ECSQARU) was held in Utrecht from the 7th until the 10th of July 2013. The main conference was preceded by a tutorial day, co-organised [...]

USCKI Incognito symposium: Robotalks, Various Aspects of Embodied AI (June 14th 2013)

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By: study association USCKI Incognito On Friday, June 14th, study association USCKI Incognito held their annual symposium in Utrecht. The symposium was titled Robotalks, Various Aspects of Embodied AI. This title covered the subject of the symposium quite well. Several researchers in the field of robotics told about how artificial intelligence is applied in their [...]

ACAIS 2013 – Life

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(By Robert-Jan Drenth) The Annual CognaAC Artifical Intelligence Symposium (ACAIS) took place on the 6th of June at the center of Nijmegen. This year the theme was Life, with a focus on questions such as: 'How does AI influence our lives?’ and ‘How does our life (and nature) influence AI?’ There were 5 invited talks [...]

Report AWAI to Paris

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AWAI to Paris Kim Feenstra Kuiper On Wednesday, March 13, the members of study association CognAC, from Nijmegen, departed to Amsterdam to start their journey to Paris. In Utrecht we joined up with the members of Incognito (study association Utrecht) and later when we arrived in Amsterdam also the members of Cover (from Groningen) joined [...]

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by: Jaap van den Herik, Director of SKBS The Foundation for Knowledge Based Systems (SKBS) continued their policy of awarding the SKBS prize to the best demonstration of the Demo-session of the BNAIC 2012. Since the active BNVKI member Bas Obladen (who was a regular visitor of the BNAICs since the mid 1990s) has retired from the [...]

Report BNAIC 2012 Maastricht

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BNAIC 2012 Maastricht   Jos Uiterwijk, Nico Roos, Mark Winands Department of Knowledge Engineering MaastrichtUniversity {uiterwijk,roos,m.winands}@maastrichtuniversity.nl   On October 25-26, 2012, the 24th Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC) was held in Maastricht, The Netherlands. It was organised by the Department of Knowledge Engineering of Maastricht University under the auspices of the Benelux Association for [...]

NSVKI student conference 2012

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NSVKI Student Conference November, 16th 2012 This year was the 4th year in row that we, the NSVKI, organized the student conference. Students from Amsterdam, Groningen, Nijmegen and Utrecht gathered in Utrecht to listen  to each other’s AI-projects. After a shift in the program due to the sudden absence of one of the speakers, the conference started with Peter [...]