Belgium Netherlands Workshop on Reinforcement Learning 2018


November 19, 2018

Science Centre, TU Delft

Sponsored by TU Delft Robotics Institute


The BeNeRL 2018 is an one-day workshop that intends to bring together reinforcement learning (RL) researchers in the Belgium-Netherlands region. We also kindly invite researchers from closely related disciplines, for example from the search & planning community. The programme includes invited talks, contributed talks, posters sessions and discussion slots. We encourage participants to contribute a short talk or posters themselves, to make the workshop as interactive and diverse as possible. The workshop set-up is informal, and we allow contributions from work that has already been peer-reviewed.


Keywords: Model-free RL, model-based RL, exploration/exploitation trade-off, planning, Monte Carlo Tree Search, imitation learning, robotics, hierarchiecal RL, transfer learning, partial observability, data efficiency, human-in-the-loop learning, emotion and RL.


Invited Speakers (confirmed):
Tim Salimans (Google Brain)
Herke van Hoof (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Wouter Koolen (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica)


Thomas Moerland
(TU Delft)
Thiago Dias Simao (TU Delft)

Programme Committee:
Robert Babuska (TUD)
Joost Broekens (TUD)
Catholijn Jonker (TUD)
Jens Kober (TUD)
Frans Oliehoek (TUD)
Aske Plaat (Universiteit Leiden)
Matthijs Spaan (TUD)


Registration: Full. You can register for the waiting list.
Registration is free of charge, and includes coffee, lunch and closing drinks. The optional dinner afterwards is at your own cost.